Helix 360

Helix 360

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This mistblower “Helix 360” is available with standard fan which is equipped with the exclusive omni-direction cannon head that has been projected and produced with a great success. Thanks to its high flexibility, it could be oriented in all directions, either vertical (210?) or horizontal (360?).

This cannon head allows the direct treatment to many cultivation in open fields (such as cereals, vegetables, tobacco etc.).

Thanks to vortex air flow, it is possible to get an excellent moment of the leaves, which allows the chemicals a good penetration in all cultivations. All the movements of the cannon head are oleo dynamic, absolutely reliable, without any need of maintenance.

Design Details

C-145 pump with 145 lt/min flowrate.

Turbo control unit compatible with high pressure pumps.

Remote control of hydraulic lifts.

Drive shaft.

Filter, resistant to high pressure.

3 ways ball valves for filling, circuit washing and spraying.

Self cleaning pressure filter.

Gearbox lever.

Helix 360 turbo fan.

The cannon head can rotate 210o vertically and 360o horizontally.

Hand washing tank.


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