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Mounted on 3-pt hitch of the tractor, powered by PTO via a shielded shaft. Required tractor power is 60 HP. Suitable for spraying vegetable fields, orchards, gardens, high trees and greenhouses.

General Characteristics
Easily adjustable and user friendly,
High efficiency,
Polyethylene tank,
Canon type turbo fan case is made of ni-cr stainless steel or galvanized,
Easily cleanable water filter,
Homogeneous mixing of water and pesticide at hydraulic mixer,
Pressure regulation,
Quick filling of pesticide at 30 bar high pressure,
Easily mountable on 3-pt of tractors,
Discharge beam lenght of spray can be adjusted at the nozzle,
Level indicator on the tank,
Fun hub and blades are made of hard plastic,
Barrel of cannon type machine can be rotated 90 deg between horizontal and vertical by means of hydraulic pistons,
9 direction adjustable nozzles, 5 at the bottom and 4 inside of the cannon barrel,
Spray discharge length 30-35 m under normal conditions.

Design Details

C-145 pump with 145 lt/min flowrate.

Turbo control unit, compatible with high pressure pumps.

Easy cleanable filter, resistant to high pressure.

Special nozzle.

Helix Turbo Fan


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