Trailed Mechanical Seed Drill With and Without Gearbox

Trailed Mechanical Seed Drill With and Without Gearbox

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Agrional Trailed Mechanical Seed Drill, pulled by tractor, sows the land with grains and similar seeds together with fertilizer at the same row with required quantity and depth continuously. The combined seed drill can be used with any type of tractor and in all conditions of soil. Seed drills which are manufactured with 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 sowing units have automatic system for adjusting the motion gear system and sowing units mechanically for sowing position and transportation position.

High quality materials. Simple at using and adjusting due to its special construction. Can be used for a long time.
Long time sowing opportunity by the help of big volume fertilizer box.
The depth of the discs could properly be adjusted from both pressure adjust handle and disc coulter spring for any kind of soils.
The coulter discs can be at reverse directions if your prefer.
The distances between discs can be 14,2 or 12,5 cm.
The safety pins at automatic system are operated when seed cells become tight and coulter discs for cutting the transmission of the gears. This system prevents damages to the seeder.
The wheels can be according to preference.
Sieve prevents to enter the foreign materials in to the fertilizer hopper and protect the fertilizer cells from damage. Also, mixer system in the fertilizer hopper provides to smash the fertilizer for high productivity.
The lids of seed and fertilizer hoppers are opened independently from each other for easy loading and to prevent from mixing seeds and fertilizer.
By the help of spring discharge system in feed cells, big seeds like bean and chickpea can be sowed.
This machine has standard manufacturing with certain structure and construction.

Design Details

New design roller.

Roller scrappers for a clean rolling after sowing.

Hydraulic pistons of the roller.

Hydraulic on – off section control .

Seed drain valve.

Fertilizer drain valfe.

Strip type tire.

Wide type tire.

The giant tire model of the wheel (Tractors wheel tyre type).

Hoeing units moved up-down by piston to loosen tractor wheel trace.

Lowered by means of hydraulic cylinders can be removed.

Double pipe planting foot assembly.


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