Automatic Potato Planter 2 Rows

Automatic Potato Planter 2 Rows

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Agrional Automatic Potato Planter, mounted on 3 points linkage system, takes the motion from its own wheel. You can operate the AGM-PPS-2 with the tractor with 60hp average power and you can work on the light soil and heavy soil at 5km/h

Design Details

Double taking of small lumps of ladles can be avoided by means of spring pressure and forced movement system.

Strip type tire.

While 6,00×16 or 10,0/80-12 sized tires are attached, our all PPS series machines have planter equipments by dint of 6×2 transmission system, the seed tubers to the same row as optional with 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 30, 33, 37, 40, 45 cm. adjustment option.

For AGM-PPS2, Standard Moldboard Coverer

While the lump tank with 600kg extended capacity and with bolt mounting is full, the machine’s total weight is approximately 1150 kg.

The machine has optimized steel ladle and slot system for potatos of diameters from 3 cm up to 9 cm. By dint of this system, the machine can work without changing the ladle according to potato lump size.


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